About me

My name is Kimberly, a Dutch-Brit born in Belgium. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for four things: dogs, food, sunshine, and communication. I currently live in San Diego with my boyfriend, Lorry, and my puppy, Bagel. Here’s a quick summary of how I got here: I completed my bachelor degree in Communication in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Besides the rain, this place is filled with fond memories of eating, napping, studying and partying with some my best friends. After spending a semester abroad at San Diego State University, I knew it was time for a new adventure.

I followed my ambitions back to San Diego and recently graduated from SDSU with a master’s degree. Now it is time for the next step, a job out in the real world. I am hoping to find something I’m passionate about with a company that will keep me in this city. The only things missing in America’s Finest City are my wonderful parents and sister who live in Belgium. My many attempts to convince them to move to America have failed, but you never know what the future holds…I can be a pretty persuasive communicator.

K, F3


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