Once upon a time… we adopted a dog in San Diego.

I had been waiting for this moment for years…the moment I would finally be enough of an adult (emotionally, mentally and financially) to adopt a dog of my own! Countless hours were spent on research from which dog breeds fit my lifestyle, to dog training philosophies, to certified breeders all over the country. Most importantly, I did not want to support the industry of backyard breeders and puppy mills that is all too common in the US. It was so hard to find a reliable breeder who really had the dogs’ best interest at heart, that I decided to “adopt, not shop”.

As soon as that decision was made, it became a lot easier to find a place to adopt a puppy in good conscience. The idea of saving the life of a little doggy that needed a home made it all the better. The first time we went to the shelter, tears came to my eyes: I wanted to adopt every single one of them (and right away!). Lorry brought me to my senses though and reminded me to stick to the plan: first I needed to graduate with my master’s degree, then enjoy the family road trip we had planned, later puppy-proof the entire apartment and only THEN adopt my new best friend.

Over the next weeks, we kept an eye on the shelter’s website (read: refreshed the page every hour) where new doggies were uploaded daily. While on our road trip, we came across a picture of the sweetest little Chihuahua-Terrier puppy with freckles on her face and feet. She seemed perfect, but we wouldn’t be back home for another two weeks. The next day her picture was gone…she had probably found a new home already.

The month of May was filled with exciting graduation celebrations and an amazing three-week journey through the national parks of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Then on the 4th of June, the time had come for a second trip to the shelter. And this time, it was for real! While en route, I pulled up the website one last time to check the prospective pups and believe it or not, there it was: the same picture of the cutest Chihuahua we had seen two weeks earlier! Had she not been adopted after all? As cheesy as it sounds, everyone’s thinking it: serendipity. I could do all but rush into the shelter to meet our (now named) Bagel. From that moment on it was all a blur… Lorry and I got to meet her, we decided she was the one, spoke to the adoption counselors, signed the papers and then she was handed over to us. Walking out of the building with this tiny ball of black and white freckles in my arms was almost unbelievable.

By the end of the day, we were in love.

bagel the puppy adopted in san diego

Are you in love with Bagel too? Follow her on Instagram for more pictures & updates @BagelBitsBlog

Picture 1.png

If you’ve made the decision to rescue your new addition to the family, here are
some TIPS on where you can adopt a dog in San Diego, California:

♥If you are looking to rescue a dog of any age (usually a little older) or breed, San Diego Humane Society is the perfect shelter.

♥If you want to adopt a puppy or younger dog, Helen Woodward Animal Center is the place to be. Many puppies are directed to this center, because of their “spay/neuter puppy program”. This is also where we adopted Bagel!

♥If you have decided on a certain dog breed, you can adopt from the many breed-specific shelters!

Adopt a Pit Bull: http://www.pitbullrescuesandiego.com/adoptables/

Adopt a Chihuahua: http://chihuahuarescueofsandiego.com

Adopt a Greyhound: https://houndsavers.org/adopt-a-greyhound/adopting-a-greyhound/

Adopt a Pug: http://www.pugsandiego.com/adopt.html

♥The above are only a few examples, here is a complete list of all the (breed-specific) shelters where you can adopt a dog in San Diego: http://sdshelters.com/shelters.html


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