Napping is the new gym

Being in San Diego, Lorry and I caught the gym fever. Californians are sporty, eat healthy and look GOOD. Last year we got on that healthy train too, went to the gym five times a week, worked out with a personal trainer and made sure to buy all our food at Trader Joe’s (I swear by their frozen veggies!).

Once we got little miss Bagel, this changed a bit. People joke about how getting a puppy is like having a child. And I know that all the parents of human children will have a good laugh when I say this: it is true. Taking care of Bagel has been my full-time job for the past months. You need to wake up in the middle of the night to let her pee. You need to keep an eye on her 24/7 so she doesn’t do something illegal. You have to make sure she doesn’t eat everything off the ground (bugs, old food, and gum have made their way into her mouth a couple of times though, oops). And you call the doctor almost every day making sure her “symptoms” aren’t serious.

[Story time] The first week we had Bagel I thought something was really wrong: all she did was sleep, nap and then slumber some more. How could she be sleeping so much? Was she narcoleptic? I was about to call the vet but decided to do a quick Google search first. The result was both comforting and shocking: puppies sleep almost 20 hours a day! So thank god, nothing to worry about.

All this together has taken a toll on our energy levels. Our precious beauty slumber has been reduced to sleeping shifts of 4 hours at a time. We never manage to make it to the gym anymore. And the only food we have been eating is microwavable and from the nearest supermarket. But countering this “hard life” we have are the countless precious moments with our newborn (canine, that is). Many of these moments include synchronized napping.

My mom told me that new parents nap in the afternoon when their baby is asleep too, so everyone can catch up on well-needed Zzz’s. We took that advice to heart and made it our mission to take as many naps as Bagel does. When it’s that time of the day, she huddles up under the covers right in between Lorry and I. Bagel does this thing where she wants to be connected to both of us and stretches out to touch one person with the tip of her nose and the other with the end of her paws. There is no way Lorry and I can pass this up and so the synchronized napping begins!

California Dreamin’


Picture 1

Have you been dreaming about getting a puppy too? Here is a little piece of advice I want to leave you with:

♥ Plan your pup
The most important thing to realize is that getting a puppy is a huge commitment. You want to make the transition as easy as possible for you and your new member of the family. If you have the luxury, take a couple of weeks off from work or school. This way you can spend a lot of time together bonding and training (and you won’t show up to work wanting to nap on your desk!).

READING TIP: After sorting through countless puppy books, I found this training   book to be the most helpful and straightforward to plan your pup!

♥ “Training The Best Dog Ever: A Five-Week Program Using the Power of Positive Reinforcement”

  • Unlike other training books, this one outlines the training schedule for each week. It starts the day you bring your puppy (or older dog) home and guides you through the first five weeks of fundamentals training.
  • The first chapters also outline the steps you can follow to prepare yourself and your home for this new addition to the family. There are even checklists for all the important things you need.
  • The author of this book also trained the Obamas’ dog, Bo, and we all know presidential canines are well-behaved citizens!



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