Barks & Crafts: DIY Dog Leash Hanger

Occasionally I have an uncontrollable urge for an Arts & Crafts day. This time, the inspiration hit me to make something useful for our household. Lorry and I always misplace Bagel’s leash and harness and then spend at least ten minutes looking for it before we can take her out for walkies. The solution: a dog leash hanger!

Feeling a little creative? This one is really easy to DIY.


  • Wood
  • (Chalkboard) paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wall hooks and screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Chalk (optional)
  • Your dog’s leash/harness/collar

Step 1:
Go to the craft store for the supplies. Pick out a piece of wood that suits your liking, it can be any shape or size. I went for a little picket fence, perfect for a doggy-themed crafts day. Grab some paint; I decided on chalkboard paint for that customizable look. Last thing, get some wall hooks (screws are usually included).img_7486

Step 2:
Paint the piece of wood. For chalkboard paint, the instructions said two coats of paint and a drying time of 24 hours. Once dry, you condition the chalkboard by rubbing some chalk over it.

Step 3:
Find a slogan! You can create your own slogan or find inspiration on Etsy:

 Wag more. Bark less

Sit. Stay. Smile

Dogs welcomed. People tolerated

…all great ones. Now grab a piece of chalk and write that slogan on there. (Depending on the size of your piece of wood, you might want to start with Step 4 and then do Step 3.)img_7493-1

Step 4:
Screw the wall hooks onto the wood with a screwdriver. You can add as many hooks as you need (for a leash, a harness, a collar or maybe even your own keys).img_7495-2
Step 5:
DONE! Admire your masterpiece! You can now hang it up in a convenient location: maybe near the front door or right outside the house. Losing your dog’s leash is a thing of the past, and you have a cute DIY conversation starter right by your door.img_7503-1







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