20 Signs That You Are A Crazy Dog Lady (or Man)

1. Whenever someone wants to hang out, you ask if you can bring your dog. If not, you don’t go.

2. You spend more money on your dog’s clothes and accessories than on your own attire.

3. You have no problem giving up half of your bed for your dog; they have to sleep somewhere comfy after all!

4. Your dog has at least 20 different nicknames (Bagel = Bigou, Bigoulette, Picoo, Picoolinoo, Bagelbits, Sweetpea, Lovebug, Stinky etc.).

5. You store dog treats in all your bags, purses, pants pockets and sock drawers just in case your dog does an amazing trick that calls for celebration.

6. You manage to mention your dog in any conversation (i.e. What are you wearing for Halloween? Well, I am not dressing up, but Bagel is!).

7. You say your dog is smarter/cuter than other people’s dogs (and kids for that matter).

8. You take your dog everywhere, preferably in a dog sling or carrier (basically a purse made for your pup).

9. You save your dog’s baby teeth in a keepsake box, just in case the tooth fairy comes by to exchange them for treats.

10. Your dog has his/her own seat at the table for dinner.

11. You look for jobs at companies that are dog-friendly, so you can bring your best friend to work every day.

12. You stare at your pup, saying “aww” every 5 minutes. You also make sure to draw everyone else’s attention to how adorable your dog is being.

13. Your Facebook feed consists entirely of dog pictures, dog videos, and dog memes.

14. Consequently, you lose friends on Facebook, due to the over-sharing of said canine content.

15. You talk to your dog when the two of you are alone; one-on-one time is important.

16. You have no more storage on your phone, because of the 100(0…)’s of candid shots of your pet.

17. You arrange a photo shoot for your dog’s professional headshots (see picture below).

18. You thoroughly discuss the frequency and consistency of your puppy’s poop with your significant other (see previous blog post).

19. You love staring into your dog’s eyes for long periods of time, even to the point that your dog awkwardly looks away.

20. And finally… You have a blog dedicated solely to your pup!

Picture 1

Crazy Dog Lady
Crazy Dog Man

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